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Zoncare IMAC 1800 12-Lead ECG Machine

Zoncare IMAC 1800 12-Lead ECG Machine

250000 ₹ 250000

Powerful Analysis Function


Glasgow ECG Algorithm

Using the Glasgow University ECG algorithm verified by the US AHA and the European CSE ECG database, it is an industry leader in the diagnosis of ST-segment Elevation Myocardial Infarction (STEMI). It greatly facilitates the diagnosis and timely treatment of myocardial infarction in the chest pain center.



Advanced Functions

VCG, TVCG, HRV, Spectrum ECG, VLP and QTD supported

Three-prong Lead Wire

It could effectively reduce the entanglement of lead wires for quicker and easier ECG examination.



Trackball mouse design makes menu selection as easy as PC operation.


Rich Peripheral Interfaces

USB, VGA, Lan, SD card and RS232 supported



Internal thermal printer and external printer supported. High-resolution thermal printer enables each report to be clearly recorded.



Networking and Connectivity


Standard wired and Wi-Fi networking functions
Multi-format exports are available, such as PNG, DCM, XML, HL7, PDF, JPG, GDT, ZQECG and etc.
Without any third-party software, iMAC 1800 is able to directly access hospital systems via HL7/DICOM protocol.

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