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Bpl Cardiart Ecg Machine

Bpl Cardiart Ecg Machine

110000 ₹ 110000

BPL Cardiart ECG Machine:-

Cardiart 9108:- (12 Channel)
BPL ECG Cardiart 9108 Cardiart 9108 comes with a QWERTY keyboard and a high resolution foldable 5.7" display. This device is easy to use, measure and can store upto 200 recordings in its internal memory. It enables simultaneous 12 channel ECG recording with 12 lead simultaneous acquisition.

Cardiart 9108D:-(12 Channel)
Cardiart 9108D is a compact 12-Channel ECG recorder that comes with advanced Glasgow ECG interpretation algorithm - one of the world's leading resting ECG interpretation. It has a large high-resolution color touch screen and supports external USB printer and multi-format reports export. Experience fast, accurate and simple ECG process & an improved diagnosis.

Cardiart 8108 view:-(6 channel)
A compact and portable 6-channel ECG recorder with real-time display of 12-lead ECG on a 5.7 inch colour display, Cardiart 8108 View comes with an advanced interpretation algorithm for accurate analysis and diagnosis, supports external printer, and interfaces with PC using optional Smart-view software. 

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