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Zoncare iMAC 10 PC ECG Machine

Zoncare iMAC 10 PC ECG Machine

28000 ₹ 28000

Compact and Portable

It weighs only 100g and can support standard twelve-lead synchronous acquisition.
Standard water-proof suitcase for easy portability.

Long Battery Life

The built-in battery is fully charged for more than 6 hours of continuous acquisition, which meets the daily clinical use.
Available with optional removable battery.
The external USB magnetic charging method effectively avoids damage caused by repeated plugging and unplugging or accidental dragging



Powerful Connectivity


Wireless Bluetooth can quickly and automatically connect to PC.
Seamlessly connect to third-party hospital information systems.
Multi-format exports are available, such as PNG, DCM, XML, HL7, PDF and etc.

Strong connectivity

Via Bluetooth automatically connect to PC/tablet.


Support multiple storage formats: PDF、PNG、 XML、 HL7、 DICOM.

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