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Zoncare iMAC 120 Digital 12-Ch Machine

Zoncare iMAC 120 Digital 12-Ch Machine

76500 ₹ 76500

Glasgow ECG Algorithm

Using the Glasgow University ECG algorithm, the auto-analysis is more accurate. And it’s an industry leader in the diagnosis of ST-segment Elevation Myocardial Infarction (STEMI). It could automatically make a diagnosis based on age, gender, race and medication history.

Advanced Functions

Support waveform freezing and review functions, allowing doctors to select the desired arbitrary waveform for analysis and printing.
Support report preview function, allowing doctors to confirm the quality of the collected signals and save paper.
Optional VCG and TVCG functions


Patient Information Input

The built-in keyboard and optional barcode scanner could help quickly input patient information
Support WORKLIST to quickly download appointment patient information


Networking and Connectivity


Standard wired and Wi-Fi networking functions
Multi-format exports are available, such as PNG, DCM, XML, HL7, PDF, JPG, GDT, ZQECG and etc.
Without any third-party software, iMAC 120 is able to directly access hospital systems via HL7/DICOM protocol

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