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Zoncare iMAC 12 Tablet ECG Machine

Zoncare iMAC 12 Tablet ECG Machine

120000 ₹ 120000

Excellent Ergonomics


Won the "Red Dot Award" of the German Industrial Design Award
10.4-Inch high-definition touch screen with grid background brings diagnostic-level precision.
Built-in virtual keyboard for inputting information.
12-Lead synchronous acquisition, display, measurement and analysis.

Compact and Portable


The whole machine is smaller than A4 paper and weighs 1.6kg (including battery and thermal printing paper).
The storage bag could be configured to store accessories, which is convenient for ward rounds, ambulances and other scenarios.



Powerful Performance



Digital sampling rate is up to 32000Hz.
A/D converter reaches 24 bits.
0.01-350Hz ultra-wide frequency response could acquire signals of patients from pediatric to elder.
The built-in powerful anti-interference filter can effectively deal with interference, making the waveform display more clearly.

Storage and Printing Functions

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