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Raj Biosis Pvt. Ltd. offers state-of-the-art biochemistry reagents, a revolutionary solution that is set to redefine laboratory research. Developed by leading experts in the field, Raj Biosis Pvt. Ltd. biochemistry reagents guarantee unparalleled performance, ensuring repeatable results that researchers can rely on. Embrace innovation, and trust quality, and choose Raj Biosis Pvt. Ltd. as a biochemistry reagent manufacturer and supplier in India.

A biochemistry reagent is a chemical reagent used in biochemistry analyzer manufacturing machines. A biochemistry analyzer, is also known as a clinical chemistry analyzer. It is used to measure metabolites present in biological samples such as blood or urine.

Biochemistry reagents are substances employed in laboratories to facilitate or detect chemical reactions, identify biomolecules, and study biological processes at the molecular level. These reagents may include enzymes, buffers, substrates, antibodies, molecular probes, and other chemical compounds necessary for experiments in molecular biology, cell biology, and biochemistry.

Biochemistry Reagents Supplier

Raj Biosis Pvt. Ltd. is a premier biochemistry reagents supplier and manufacturer, setting industry standards with top-notch products. Specializing in enzymes, buffers, and substrates, we ensure exceptional quality through rigorous quality control. Our commitment to timely deliveries and cutting-edge solutions makes us the trusted choice for laboratories, research institutions, and healthcare facilities. Choose Raj Biosis for reliable, high-quality biochemistry reagents that empower scientific advancements.

Types of Biochemistry Analyzer

Biochemistry analyzers are essential tools in clinical laboratories for analyzing various biochemical parameters in biological samples. Different types of biochemistry analyzers cater to specific needs and applications. Here are some common types:

  • Semi-automatic Analyzer:  We offer the best price of Semi-automatic analyzers for homes, hospitals, clinics, nursing homes, etc., At our medical product store Raj Biosis Pvt. Ltd. We offer the best quality Semi Auto Analyzer at the best prices. The biochemistry semi-auto analyzer price at Raj Biosis is lower compared to other sellers. Find the best semi-auto analyzer with the best key features, images, etc. These semi-automatic analyzers are the best quality semi-auto analyzers in brands.
  • Fully Automatic Analyzer:  Mispa CXL Pro Plus is a fully automated, discrete, random-access clinical Chemistry analyzer. Mispa CXL Pro Plus offers 240 tests per hour. Mispa CXL Pro Plus has a Holographic Concave Flat Field Grating (HCFG) rear spectrophotometry system for best reliability and maximum accuracy. CXL Pro Plus comes with Special Probes, having an internal water pressure wash and external waterfall wash, eliminating carryover.  Mispa CXL Pro Plus is an all-in-one solution for clinical chemistry analysis.