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Mindray Chemiluminescence immunoassay Analyzer (CL-960i)

Mindray Chemiluminescence immunoassay Analyzer (CL-960i)

900000 ₹ 900000

Product DescriptionCL-960i

As one of the world’s smallest, fully automated chemiluminescence immunoassay analyzers, the CL-960i integrates a large capacity and fast assay speed into a compact model, achieving a perfect balance between size and immunoassay testing performance.

Today, laboratories not only need more reliable routine Immunoassay testing by way of high processing speed, reproducibility,  dependability, accuracy & quality for wider clinical correlation and diagnosis. On the other hand, they are restricted by limited budgets. CL-960i can help to meet all these needs just perfectly and even exceed the expectations.




    Measurement principle: enhanced ALP-AMPPD method 
    Throughput of up to 180 tests/hour
    50 sample positions and 15 reagent positions
    Enhanced ALP-AMPPD method

Sample assembly

    Continuous sample loading and offloading
    50 sample positions

Reagent assembly

    15 Reagent positions, continuous loading, real time mixing for magnetic particles
    2~8 °C cooling system
    Built in & external barcode reader

Reagent Bottle

    Ready to use
    Universal diluent for all assay parameters
    Single pack no additional reagent required

Measurement and Reaction System

    Maintenance free sturdy Photonmultiplier (PMT) photon counter
    LED reference module
    82 incubation position
    Unique vortex liquid mixing system

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