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Avecon MaxCount Hematology Analyzer

Avecon MaxCount Hematology Analyzer

165000 ₹ 165000

The MaxCount Hematology Analyzer is a state-of-the-art diagnostic instrument designed for automated blood cell analysis in clinical laboratories. This advanced analyzer offers a comprehensive set of features and functions to accurately and efficiently analyze various parameters related to blood cell counts.

Parameters WBC,LYM#,MID#,GRAN#,LYM%,MID%,3- Part differentiation of WBC, 21 parameters and3 histograms
Principles WBC/RBC/PLT:    Electrical impedance
Aspiration Volume Whole blood 8.5 µl, pre-diluted 20 µl
Aperture Diameter WBC 100 µm,  RBC/PLT 68 µm
Throughput 70 samples per hour
Data Storage Up to 109,00nale results with histograms
Dilution Ratio Whole blood , Capillary blood
Display  10.4-inch resolution 800×600, touch screen
Control and Calibration   L-J, X, X-R, X-B four our control modes , manual and auto- calibration
Power  AC 100-240V, 50/60Hz, 130-180VA
Dimension & Weight 380mm (L), X 305MM (W) X 395mm (H), about 18kg

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