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Semi Automatic Transasia ECL 412 4 Channel Coagulation Analyzer

Semi Automatic Transasia ECL 412 4 Channel Coagulation Analyzer

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Product Specification

Automation Semi Automatic
Brand Transasia
Model Name/Number ECL-412
Weight 3 kgs
User Interface USB port, Pen Drive / LIS compatible
Printer Built-in Graphic Thermal Printer
Number of Channels 4 Channels
Reaction Cuvette Holder 20 Positions for incubation of single reaction cuvette
Reagent Cup Holder 12 Positions (10 cups and 2 bottles with stirring programmable)
Light Source LED
Principles Clotting assays, Light Scatter Principle (640nm), Chromogenic Assays (405nm), Immunogenic Turbidimet
Display Large Graphical Touch Screen Color Display
Test Menu PT, APTT, FBG, Intrinsic and Extrinsic Factor Assays, LA, PS, PC, Chromogenic ATIII and D Dimer, pr
Operating Temperature & Humidity 17-32 Degrees Celsius, Max. 80% RH, non-condensing
Hardware Micro processor based system
Dimension and Weight 300 x 290 x 90 mm
Power Requirement 100-250V ~47-63Hz, 150 VA
QC QC with L-J graph
Calibrator 6 point calibration on display and print curve data
Units of Measurement seconds, %, INR, mg/dl, g/dl, etc

Product Description

ECL 412 is an advanced analyzer for Complete Hemostasis. This four channel coagulation analyzer redefines the benefits in its class. Erba ECL 412, can perform PT, APTT, Fibrinogen, Thrombin Time , All Factors, Lupus , Protein S, Protein C , Antithrombin III and DDimer.

Product Features:

  • Clotting Tests such as PT, aPTT, Fibrinogen, Thrombin time, Factors, Lupus anticoagulant, Protein S performed using Light scatter principle.
  • Protein C, Antithrombin III done by Chromogenic Principle
  • Tests like D Dimer performed using Immuno-turbidimetry principle
  • Interactive touch screen interface
  • Clotting Graph provides details of the clotting test
  • Cuvette and reagent management software
  • Twelve levels of QC with Levy-Jennings Plot- Identifies random and systematic errors
  • Temperature stability at 37 degree C to perform the tests
  • Low Reagent Consumption
  • USB Connectivity
  • CE mark

Product Applications:

  • ECL 412 has uses in various routine IVD labs for doing routine PT and aPTT
  • It has application in Blood Banks for Quality Control of Fibrinogen and Factor VIII
  • It is used as Standby to bigger systems, in accredited centers
  • It is used in Research Facilities to perform PT and aPTT on animal samples such as rat, mouse, rabbit, hamsters etc


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