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Merilyzer CliniQuant Micro™

Merilyzer CliniQuant Micro™

90000 ₹ 90000

Product Overview

  • High performance semi automated Biochemistry analyzer
  • Compact-Vertical, suitable for all Clinical Chemistries
  • Designed to deliver quality results and high accuracy.
  • 8 Assay modes – Covers all type of chemistries
  • 3 level QC with L-J plot- Builds user’s confidence on Test results
  • Rerun for End point- Saves time and money
  • Recall for Kinetic chemistry – No test repetition required
  • Variable Air purge - Reduces carry over & cross contamination.
  • 32 µl quartz Flowcell– Enables accurate readings for Turbidimetry test
  • 340nm-630nm Filters – Ideal for all routine chemistries
  • Keypad with 33 keys
  • Multipoint calibration with all types of curves possible.

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